June 6, 2006

airplane = blog

so when the airplane leaves
the ground, it is a sign for
me to do a blog entry

or so i've been told

cards vs. reds
doesn't seem like business to me
but then again
maybe that's why i'm not making
the big bucks

seems strangely quiet around here
and i'm two hours ahead
of normal bedtime
ahh...seems a bit like
but i'm missing the best part
my husband!

but he knows i love to sleep : )

this time of year
always gets me down
my little chick-a-dee
flies the coop for a while
friday is the last day
until september is knocking
wish i could protect her somehow
from the disappointment
that summer will bring
instead i'll keep quiet
and pretend it is good
and hope she keeps an open mind

camp in two weeks
am i ready?
not so much

doctor again
same same same
but no real answers this time
test on friday
not scared
just dreading the side effects
actually hopeful that
maybe, just maybe
there is an answer and
it isn't all in my head
after all this time
could there really be an answer?

so, my husband, i have blogged
it is jumbled and
it is short
but i am thinking of you

oh, and i'll tell you again
long, spitty names and
thick soles mean
get off the plane
we don't want heroes
we want you to get off the plane
just so you remember...

come home safe
we miss you

1 rays through the fog:

Anna said...

I think you should blog more often, I find out so much from you this way since it seems we don't talk much anymore... why is that? I miss you my future sister in law! :-D

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