March 17, 2006

"getting older" observations

i can't believe all this time
goes by between posts

feels like a day or two and
it's been more than a week

the airplane landed safely
and the kids think they
saw the plane right before
it landed
the exact one
and maybe they did

i'll embark on a new decade
on sunday
funny how in my mind
i am the same person
as i was
when i was a kid

i always thought you changed
in some irretrievable way
when you got older
but really
you just settle in real good
with what you already got
weird, this life thing

my other "getting older" observation
is this
the past ten years had more downs than ups
so i am fully prepared to
embark on a decade of coasting along

and now that i've said that
i'm sure God will surprise me
all i ask is that He be gentle!

pray for safe travels for my
college roommate and her family
they are coming for the weekend

i should be cleaning....

i'm so productive when I
am avoiding cleaning : )

by the way, big little brother,
they did all the hard work for me...
i just didn't do my homework
thanks for the help
can you tell me where it's from?

thank you that's it's friday
my husband here with me
for a few days
and not toiling away
in a world that is foreign to me

hope he likes the new gray hair
i found on accident this morning
all of a sudden they are everywhere
i mean, really, go away!
i get the point!

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