March 22, 2006


had a wonderful time
at a party on saturday
great to see all the faces
from the different stages
of my life
all together
over pasta

and my roomie was in town
with her beautiful family
stayed here
and i loved every second
i sure wish we lived closer

buckhead mountain grill
saturday night
no kids
32 ounces
nine dollars
expensive orange slice
that's for sure
good food, good company
including the buffalo

ms. chatty and ms. chatty jr.
got along like
peas and carrots
I hear ms. chatty jr.
keeps asking why
she can't come back
and stay longer

ms. chatty bawled
the night they left
i was doing fine
until i heard him tell her
that i was sad too
and then i had to turn my head
before she saw my tears too

then little man climbed up
on the bed with us,
making four,
and after a loud crack
we all ended up on the floor
that ended the tears for now...

spent time with the family
on my birthday
more good food
white on white with pink sprinkles
yum, yum...

monday was a holiday
my birthday
no work for him,
only some work for me
wonderful to just take it easy
probably drove him crazy
being home so much
but i'm glad he was here

took my car to the 'pair shop
as the lion calls it
first time i was out of the house
since sunday
weird how the days blend together
crossing my fingers it won't be
a bank breaker when they call

the circus was in session today
and will be again tomorrow
to make up for the holiday
praying tomorrow goes better than today
almost lost a tiger
instead lost my temper
and counted to 300
in increments of ten
long day

so 30 is pretty much the same
as 29

only older... : )

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