March 8, 2006


i've never met her
and i really know little about her
except that she captured
superman's heart

and when superman
proved he was not
quite invincible
she stood by her man

this stranger's death makes me sad

i feel a tug at my heart
for the boy-who is-not-quite-yet-a-man
she leaves behind
he's lost both parents
in less than two years

my friend and i
dissected his situation
like he was one of our own
thinking of who to guide this child
in a crazy world like ours

and if you add hollywood
how much crazier does it get?

what a tender age to deal
with the harshest of human emotions

in the end
all i can really do is pray

also i pray for the one
who hates to fly

cradle the plane in your hands,
o Lord,
as you lift it from one city
and lower it in another

and help him remember
that he is closest to seeing You
while You are holding the plane
in the palm of Your hands
he might catch a glimpse
of Your peaceful face

But make this a comfort
placing our faith in You
to give us mercy of a safe trip

by the way, it's going to be a long three days

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