December 14, 2005

endings and beginnings

long week
endings and beginnings
it hurts to see
someone you love

small white church
looked even smaller to me
it had been years
since i saw that
stained glass window
the one i voted for
all those years ago

the person who
invited us to that
small white church
is gone

how very sad it was
to see the grieving
but comfort comes in
knowing that she is free

long truck with the
liberty bell on the side
and arizona plates
took all our stuff
half a mile away

a few bruises and
sore muscles galore

now we are up
to our ears in boxes
one by one they empty
as we create a home
in this house of ours

watching my family
help us with this
chaotic adjustment
made my heart swell
and my eyes tear up

thank you so much

somewhere in the mist
of this chaos
i realized that i had
truly become a
daughter to the ones
who didn't choose me -
their son did

and again the tears came

thank you Lord for blessing
me with so many things
and thank you for opening
my eyes and giving me a
moment to see during this
busy time

help us all to adjust to the
new house
and help me with the circus


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