December 20, 2005

christmas is coming

this time of year
is so very busy
not to mention the move

where is the tree?

find the ornaments
hide the presents
now where did i put that?

the three ring circus
almost drove me to drink

between poopy diapers and
runny noses
and my human vacuum cleaner
the only word i know is NO!

but i LOVE my new house
even half put together
it makes me so happy

Lord, i pray for the right
family to come along for the
other house...but not yet,
because i still need to finish
getting it empty and clean...just
be preparing their hearts.
thank you for my many blessings.

slow down this merry-go-round
so i can remember the reason for
my blessings and the reason for
the pretty christmas lights and the
ultimate sacrifice that came from
a tiny baby born so long ago

how thankful i am for the grace
and mercy that came for each of us
in the form of that scrunchie, wiggly,
wrinkled little baby boy.

your birthday is coming
birthday cake with candles
cha cha cha

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