December 7, 2005


a week and the fog
finally starts to lift

and then sad news
comes my way

a kind soul has
left this earth today
on to claim her big, big house
with lots and lots of rooms

but most importantly,
to see the Father's face
and hear Him say
well done.

well done.

thank you Lord for all
the guidance she gave
my mom,
for the friend she was to my mom,
for the unconditional love she gave
to me and my kids
and many others, i am sure.
thank you for what she meant
to a lost hyper kid
all those years ago...
for a big yard to cut,
christmas lights to hang,
playing ping pong by myself
or with the wall,
perfecting my pool shot
while i was shadow grounded,
for a graduation party,
for hanging wet laundry on
the line outside,
for column paper with stock
for her nesting dolls that
squeaked when i opened each one,
for meals eaten around
a round, glass table,
for the smell of her perfume
that lingered at her vanity,
and the silver tea set displayed on
the coffee table,
for the green dressed air
freshener doll,
and for holding my children
when they were babies,
for the famous baseball that
i foolishly gave away,
for handsprings and cartwheels
across the back lawn,
for canasta playing,
and the stereo in the basement
that helped pass the time.

thank you Lord for the memories.
rest in peace, my surrogate grandmother.
rest in peace.

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