April 30, 2009


after months of counting down
the prestigious sixth birthday
is just around the bend

he's so excited
and i'm wondering
just where the time has gone

some days so big
yet still glimpses of the little boy
i rocked to sleep at night

i pray those little windows
of joyful bonding
are always there

even when he towers over me
and oh, he will
(doesn't everyone?)

in the middle of the everyday
i wonder and pray for the end
for a time when the quiet will win out

but on days like today
rainy and introspective
on the cusp of another milestone

i know that one day soon
i will long for the noise
for the spontaneous kisses

for the crashing of trucks
for the sounds of batman fighting robin
for the requests to watch video clips
for the mischievous-ness that is my son today

for the song dedications
for the notes on dry erase boards
for the reading of books
for the intimacy of sharing every day together

there will be a day
when i want nothing more than this
and that day is not far away....

1 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

Oh, the heart strings of a mother's heart.....

There is a famous quote:

A mother holds hers children's hands for a little while, their hearts forever! XO

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