April 25, 2009

good times

well hey there
long time no talk
i hate that slacker part of me

i always come back
and make promises for more
then fail

agh - frustrating
so no more promises
just me

today is a beautiful day
all of God's creatures
singing in delight

i'm watching 
a game of toss
between my two favorite boys

sitting outside
enjoying the warm sun
feeling the wind blow by

thinking about a handful of people
who are halfway across the world
and wondering how life is for them today

another group of compassion bloggers
are on a trip
this time to india

i know God will move
i know lives will be changed
and i pray lots of kids get sponsored

business trip tomorrow
never get used to it
neither of us do

the flurry of laundry
and last minute purchases

and this time
a day later
we'll hurry and pack

headed out 
for a little family vacation
to celebrate a sixth birthday

busy times
tired times

good times...

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