September 25, 2008

the good years

busy week
to another little one
three months old

i forgot
how much babies need
but oh, how cute

she'll be spending
the first three days
of the week with me
and half of thursday

so far so good
the boys are in love
and want her to play
unsure why she can't

she was cooing
(oh what a sound!)
and i said she was talking
monkey man wanted to know
why he couldn't understand her
if she was talking and all

very logical
these boys are
and trying to explain
well, it was beyond me

so that's what's going on
around here
little poochy cheeks to kiss
boys that are growing so fast
seventh grade missing assignments
soccer games and cross country practice

and one tired mommy

but these
these are the good years

1 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

You bet they're the good years! Charish them one and all. They're grown before you know it.


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