April 28, 2008


the trees give way
to green
and with spring
comes tball

last spring
came the declaration
that baseball was to be played
sign me up

too little
was a concept
that confused him
being king of his world and all

next year
i promised
when is next year
he asked

this is spring
then comes hot summer
then the leaves fall off the trees
then it snows

it is spring
and you can play

with every season
that came and went
it was compared to
the baseball master schedule

closer and closer it came
and he got more and more excited
i just can't believe
my little baby is old enough to play

the leaves started peeking out
and he asked me if it was spring
i told him almost
knowing he was really talking about baseball

then the day came
and it was really cold
but he didn't complain
not even a little bit

it was a family event
dad, mom, Baby Girl
we all came to see Little Man
practice for the first time

every time the ball flew through the air
he bounced in place
wondering if he could (PLEASE)
be the one to get the ball

reminded me of a puppy
all that was missing
was the panting
and the drooling

and maybe there was even that

2 rays through the fog:

Judith said...

This is so very precious. You have completely captured the
essence of it. "Is it Spring yet?......Indeed! Don't stop writing the way you do.

Barb said...

This brought back so many memories, it just made me smile, Andrea. That photo is precious. You didn't even have to write anything, that photo expresses it so well, but I'm glad you did.

Beautiful and touching.

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