February 12, 2008

snow day

they warned us that it was coming
and it did
the roads were nice and icy
this am
and the magic words for baby girl
no school today

it's already turning to slush
but so cold
it's still all over the ground

build a snowman, mommy?
confusion as I tried to explain
the snow won't stick together

two blue jays
and two cardinals
with their mates
fly around today
as yesterday
to hang out with us

how beautiful
against the snowy background

and thankfully
a reminder
that spring is coming

1 rays through the fog:

Bev said...

It IS coming! I'm encouraged by the little signs, the covers of magazines, the clothes in the stores, that snowblowers are on sale around here - this time of year I have to tell myself to just hang on, another few weeks and it's going to feel a lot better. Right now? Snow for the next three days...not quite there yet.

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