February 11, 2008

night of hope

last evening
gathered with a few ladies
and off we went
to see Joel Osteen

I'd had some reservations
because while I love his message
I want it to be about
the big JC (you know, Jesus)
and not about JO (Mr. Osteen, himself)

off on a tangent here
i'll say that i feel
that sometimes when
a person is called
to give the message of God
in the mix of it
the person becomes
the one glorified
and that's just wrong

that isn't how I see
Joel Osteen
and it sure isn't how
he would want to be seen
but there are people out there
who worship the messenger
not the message
and we have to be careful
in that way

so back on track here
i was so blessed by the message

he has the most positive outlook
on life
and it all comes from truth
i was skeptical and
before the doubt could even
form in my mind
he covered it with scripture
not twisting it
to fit the circumstance
but just laying it out there
as truth

appropriately enough
the evening's theme was
a night of hope
and that is definitely what he gave

he's speaking around the country
and it was even a bit pricey for me
but i still recommend seeing him

yes, they will ask for donations there
but his wife said an interesting thing
she said
give to your local church first
that is where you will be fed and grow
give here only if you feel led by faith

one of the things that always struck me
about Joel Osteen's ministry
on tv
is that they never ask for money
on the air
how refreshing
knowing they must need money
to conduct such a large ministry

some people have problems
with the way he views life
saying that God is not always
going to prosper those who love him
but to hear the message he brings
tells you that God indeed wants you to prosper
and that doesn't mean hardships
and trials won't come
it just means that God will see you through it
and see you through it in a better place
than you were before you began
if you just trust and have faith
that God holds you in the palm of His hand
and NO ONE can take you out of it
you matter to God
you are valuable to Him
even if you aren't valuable to yourself
solid gold to Him
if you project that on the inside
it will show on the outside
and your whole outlook on life
will change

the bottom line is
that everyone can use encouragement
and that is Joel Osteen's gift

so here's to a new outlook
God thinks I'm special
and that is enough.

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