October 1, 2007

prayers requested

Six years ago, we moved to this school district. We didn't know anyone. The first person that Baby Girl met was a girl who is still among her closest friends. A couple of weeks ago, this girl's dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. He's only 41. Last Monday, he had surgery to remove the tumor. In the process of the surgery, they took some tests. I learned today that the cancer showed up in two of his lymph nodes. He will be scheduled for 12 chemotherapy treatments over six months. This is a long road. To top it off, his wife lost her job a few months back and he was only working part time. Thank the good Lord, they have health insurance right now through COBRA. But could you imagine?

This has really shaken me because my father died of rectal cancer that had metastasized. And this is the first person among our peers to have to deal with something like that. I am really at a loss as to what to say to them, although I have told the wife I will do whatever she needs me to do. I look at the kids' faces (they also have a girl in kindergarten) and want to love the worry right off of them.

Bev at Scratchin' the Surface posted about getting a colonoscopy and I encourage you to read the post. It isn't as bad as I thought it was. Because of my family history, I'm going to talk to my doctor about this. After our friend's diagnosis so young, I want to cover my bases. Do this for your family - it's totally worth it.

And, friend, we are praying for you. Good luck. I like best what Bev said in an email to me (and I'm paraphrasing here) - God is bigger than any diagnosis.

4 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

Very touching dear.
They are in my prayers.
Good advice.

God Bless. Mom

Judith said...

Please tell your friends I am praying for them.

steschy said...

My thoughts and prayers are with them! My Dad died of cancer also! By the way...I'm Chelsea's sister in law :o)

Bev said...

I got several comments from readers who've heard of diagnoses when people were much younger than 50. 50 is too long to wait, and I sure dont want people thinking it's worse than it is. I got my results a few days ago - they did in fact find a polyp, praise the Lord it's benign, but obviously I needed to have it done. I'm thankful my primary care kept pushing me, and hope my post gives others the courage to go through it. Life is worth it!

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