May 7, 2007

blue water

Roatan Island, Honduras
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the wind on my face
and the sun shining
remind me of the blue water
it's calling me

growing up
i was never a "beach" girl
sand all over
was not my thing

then one day
we took a trip to chicago
and walked to the end
of the navy pier

it's only a lake there
lake michigan
but it seemed to never end
and i was hooked

blue water

i don't want to get in
i don't want to sunbathe
i just want to sit
and stare at the beauty

in some strange way
the blue water calms me
it straightens the kinks
in my soul

how majestic of our God
to give boundaries
to the boundless water
and make it rise and fall

it's too complicated
to fathom
but then again
so is my soul

i guess that's why
the blue water
soothes my soul
so well

how i long to see
that sweet blue water
the sun on my face
the wind in my hair

God soothing my soul
and speaking to me
with nary a word
between us

blue water

2 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

Beautiful! Have you written that book yet? Love ya, Mom

Anonymous said...

I WANT TO GO!!! Doesn't it look beautiful? -mina

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