April 16, 2007


Two posts in one day! Wow, aren't you lucky?

The other post weighed so heavily on me that I felt it needed it's own little space on my blog. Here's the other news in my life...

My daughter asked me this "joke" on Saturday:

Her: What's your favorite volcano?

Me: I don't know. The only volcano I can even think of is Mt. St. Helen's.

Her: You mean it's not Krakatoa (crack-uh-toe-uh)?

And with that, she and my husband lost themselves in laughter.

You see, last week, we installed a closet organizer in our closet. You know, the kind that gives you a double rail so there is more room to hang clothes. The kind that my husband is convinced really doesn't add any space - just rearranges what was there. But so devoted is he, we installed it anyway. :)

On Friday, I was putting the closet doors back on and they have these little wheels that have to be pulled down into the tracks. I lined up the wheels and pulled down on one of the doors. It slipped off the track and I pulled it down on my left big toe. OUCH!!! I had sleeping babies in the house at the time, which was probably good because it prevented me from yelling the words that went through my mind. It turned a nice, nasty shade of purple-black. I took medicine for the pain and it didn't even TOUCH it.

So, last night, I went to urgent care - because, let me tell you, the pain was URGENT. They x-rayed it and it isn't broken. Then, because of the pressure and throbbing, they said they could put a small hole in my toe nail and drain it. GROSS! At that point, I told my husband, they could have suggested cutting my toe off and I would probably have agreed. So they got this battery operated needle thing out (the batteries heat the end of the needle somehow) and BURNED a needle size hole in my toe nail. The smell was DISGUSTING! There was smoke and everything. It really didn't help that the doctor was, shall I say, an absolute tool. My husband could barely keep the giggle off his face. But the minute the hole was there, I did start to feel relief. The relief ended when the doctor PUSHED ON MY TOE to start the drainage process. He had the nerve to say, "Oh, did that hurt?" I'm thinking, NO, I'm here because I was bored and needed something to do!

The real relief came a couple hours later when I took the tylenol 3 with codeine that the doctor prescribed. Ah, the sweet bliss of painfree la-la land. They said it should take about two weeks to heal. My family may be going to school and work wearing dirty clothes and starving by then but at least the end of this pain is in sight!!!

Oh, and just for the record, my least favorite volcano is Krakatoa.

4 rays through the fog:

Susanne said...

Hi. I came over from Barb's because I noticed you said you were a dayhome provider. So I came to say hello to a fellow hard worker. :v)

Your daughter has quite the sense of humor! Sorry for your poor toe.

Judith said...

Oh Oouch!!! Sorry you got such a sterile reaction from the doctor. Hope it's better now, the toe, not the doc.

I love hearing about all the interaction with the little ones. It's so obvious you'all are doing childhood right.

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

I so hope your toe is healing at super-duper speed now that the pressure has been "released".

Oh, and check out my blog. I have a little something for you. ;)

Darlene said...

But hopefully it will be better soon. .... I hate to see you in pain.

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