January 15, 2007

thanks for noticin' me

I haven't posted in some time because it was all negative stuff and well, I didn't want to bring everyone down. The little one (who is getting bigger by the minute, it seems) battled a double ear infection and possible sinus infection. It was a ten day round of the gooey pink stuff for him. The bigger one went back to school and it was such a relief for her to be with her friends again. I don't know who was happier for her to go back, me or her! In the meantime, I went through another UTI which makes me grouchy, at best.

So, now that I'm posting again, all is good and happy? Well, not really. There are a few good things going on though...One of my New Year's intentions was to be in the Word more and to draw closer to God. And I've been successful so far. It's amazing the things God is doing in your life that you miss if you aren't paying attention. I'll be posting more often about those findings. It's totally uplifting when God works in your life so there's my solution to having a blog that brings you down. Also, some friends and I have been thinking about starting a group blog to support one another. That's coming to fruition finally. I will be glad to have that too.

But tonight I received the call I've been dreading. I knew it was coming but still...As I type this, my cousin is on his way to Iraq. It may be a few days before he gets there but he's definitely going. And he leaves behind a new wife who is expecting a baby in May. Could my heart break any more? I know that he will do fine. He's a smart guy. But sometimes it just makes you wish things were different, ya know? I don't do politics - not in real life nor on this blog. However, let me just tell you that with him leaving, it makes me wish they could just come home. Let that country implode and kill each other, but get our people outta there! I know, I know, it's more complicated than that. But my heart says it's just that simple.

Please say a little prayer for that young man and all he will see and hear. He's too innocent for the mission ahead, of that I am sure. Pray for his protection and for him to have peace. And please pray for his family - his new wife, his unborn child, his dad and the rest of us. I appreciate it.

Oh, and one more thing...could someone make it stop raining over here? I'm really beginning to feel like Eeyore! Thanks!

3 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

Thanks from his dad.

Barb said...

Hello Andrea,

I'm glad you're back. I missed you. I can see you're having some Eeyore days but my goodness, it's no wonder.

I used to have chronic UTI's. I'd just get over one and get another one. So I know they're just no fun. At all. And to have a little one sick, too, well, that would put me over the edge, too.

I know how upset you are about him going to Iraq. My nephew, the only child of my brother who committed suicide three years ago, did two tours in Iraq. My brother's funeral was delayed for TWO WEEKS because we had to wait for the Army to get Jason home for the funeral. I can't begin to tell you how much we worried about him while he was there and when they kept him for a second tour, we were beside ourselves.

But we all prayed, fervently, all the time he was there. He was able to stay in touch with us via email, daily, which helped, but still it was scary.

He came home safe and sound last year and has a new baby son of his own now.

I will keep your loved one in my prayers. And I'll keep you in my prayers. You'll get past this blue mood and your sky will look sunny again before you know it.

I don't know if I've ever told you this but I love the whole look of your design. It's very pretty and very soothing.

Hang in there, my friend. You'll be OK. xoxoxo

Brenda said...

You do sound a bit like Eeyore. I'll be praying for your cousin, for his family, and for you.

Looking forward to brighter days!

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