November 13, 2006

30 and a sing show

It was brought to my attention (twice) that I haven't blogged in a while. It's been a little busy around here. But because it's been busy, I have things to share...

Most importantly, my wonderful husband had a birthday this past week. He turned 3-0. Lucky for me, he can stop teasing me about my age now. I turned 30 in March and he hasn't let me forget it! We had a nice family birthday party. It was fun.

Here's a picture of the cake I made for him. Our tradition is to have a homemade cake for each birthday. I usually volunteer to make it. I have found that I enjoy baking. Surprise, surprise! This cake is decorated with mini M&Ms that I "borrowed" from my son's Halloween stash (shh! don't tell!). I use colored icing or red hots or Reese's pieces to decorate in the past too. (And do you see that sweet little boy hand that made it into the picture?)

Sing Show
I love to sing. My daughter loves to sing. My husband hates to sing. But my son, my son absolutely thrives on singing. He sings his answers to my questions, he sings his movements across a room, he sings his favorite toys, he is always singing! And he only needs to hear a song once or twice and he's humming it for days. He knows more names of people singing on the radio than I do. Okay, well, maybe not more but it is a bit amazing. I fully intend to see him in front of a large crowd, singing someday. The sweetest sound is when he sings a song he heard at
church. So anyway, the other day, I put him down for a nap. I went back to check on him and heard him singing up a storm. I told him to be quiet and he said he was having a sing show. I opened his door and he had all his stuffed animals lined up in a circle around him. And he was singing to them. I took his picture (below) and then bent down and whispered that he needed to take a nap. Without missing a word or beat in his song (during the picture or my comment), he nodded at me and continued his "show". I couldn't believe it. And I waited outside the door and he said "the end" and put them all to bed. What a cutie!

3 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

A belated happy birthday to your hubby, Andrea. The cake looks yummy. Homemade is the best kind.

And your little boy is adorable. What a sweet photo of him sitting there entertaining all his little friends. I'd have grabbed the camera too!

Blazer1234 said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Sounds like it was a good birthday!

I can just heat your little one singing to his animals. How cute!

Judith said...

Andre, I'm actually back. Will write about it in a post, but what I most want to say here is how precious! his entertaining all his little friends.

Anybody as serious as he is about singing needs to know somebody hears it.

I'd make a bigger picture of this, and tuck it away somewhere. It may come in real handy someday, when people ask how his singing career got started.

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