September 20, 2006

just one more...

okay...just one more post today
mainly because i want to record
this very moment
for the future
when my hands are thrown in the air
because i don't understand his teenage brain

sitting side by side
in the recliner
eating goldfish
out of the blue
he says to me
"you know sumting.."
"what, bud?"
"you know...i love you"

melt my heart
this is why
it's awesome to be a mommy

3 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

awww...brings tears to my eyes and warms my heart.

Judith said...

Oh yeah! and when you least expected it. Long ago one of my sons left a rose, a long stem yellow rose on my dresser. Not for a special day, but a just because.

I Still don't know why he did it. He was only about twelve years old.... He said he wanted a dozen delivered to me, but when he learned the price, got only one.

Some things, when they happen you just know they'll be wonderful memories.

Kristen said...

Oh, I LOVE IT! My two year old's most oft uttered phrase these days is, "Mommy? I love you very, very much." And she says it about every 10 minutes. Truly heart melting!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and commenting on my 125th post. I reached my goal!! I hope you'll come by again sometime! ;-)

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