September 20, 2006

big boy bed

this past weekend
my son's crib
was converted to
a big boy bed

the first night
we heard the *thud*
of him falling out of bed
a half dozen times
he didn't wake up once

now a big
curious george pillow
cradles him
and keeps him tucked in

when he was in his crib
this sack of sweetness
used to just wake up and lay there
waiting for mommy to come get him

so now that he's able to get up
and come downstairs
i've come to realize
this happy morning person child
is not at all friendly when he wakes up

who would have guessed?

he woke up from his nap
the other day
i heard his little feet on the stairs
(which was strange
as we were the only two here
and for a second
i couldn't figure out
who was on the steps!)
and his eyes were all puffy and scrunched up
his hair was sticking straight up
only on one side of his head
and he was growling
(really, he was)
and staggering across the kitchen
when i attempted to comfort him
he raised his arm
and waved me off
slapping me on the hand
(unintentionally, of course)

i'm having the hardest time
describing it to you
but i had to really struggle
not to laugh out loud in his face

a small chuckle
exploded from my lips
and he muttered
"not funny mommy
NOT funnn-eee..."

so laughter in check
i waited for him to wake up
and then held him
and kissed that big boy cheek

where has the time gone?

1 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

LOL...I had to giggle at this one. I think Boo-Bear is completely happy chilling out in his crib when he wakes up...and I'm pretty sure he is a lot like me...NOT a morning person.
I sympathize with your little guy...waking up is hard to do!!! Hope he stops tumbling out of his bed too. Poor kid.

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