August 29, 2006

this and that

busy day for me
worked at the main office
been out of the loop
and it is hard and exhausting
to be part of the working world again
even if it's only part time

especially when my heart
is still anchored deep
at home

sad news today
my friend with cancer
had a doctor's appointment today
and he said it would be best
to call in hospice
i talked to her daughter
who said the doctor
was not all that encouraging
and her time here with us
is short
on one hand
i am grateful that this faithful spirit
will be united with her Savior
and feel no more pain or hurt
and have no more tears
but i'm selfish
i don't want her to go
there's so much more i want to say
but how do i say it?
what is it exactly i want to say?
i don't know
and i feel the pressure
of time running out
i want her around to encourage me
as she has done for years now
who will continually remind me
that God is forever faithful?

you know
sometimes you just meet a kindred spirit
but i've never had one leave before
what do i do?

oh, Jesus
all i know is to come to you
you know my heart
you know how this is weighing on me
the tears that won't spill from my eyes
the ache in my chest
hold her
hold her close to you
ease her breathing
gather her strength
give her courage
most of all
sweet Jesus
surround her with your peace

blessings from fellow bloggers
i am continually amazed
with this blogging community
read a new blog today
she touched me with this post
especially in light of my friend
and a minute later
i was laughing my butt off at this
(did i just say butt in my blog?)
then there is brenda
and she visited my blog
when we were explaining our blog names
she said that my title reminded her
of an old gospel song about a lighthouse
i am just so touched by these words
and the music too
there are a few more blessings
i really want to share
but i'll save them
for another day

ending with good news
i was trying to find a blessing
in my day
and guess what?
i found TWO...
one, i met a really nice lady at work
and we had a conversation
about the local christian radio station
good stuff
and two, my friend's dad
that had the stroke
gets to come home friday
still lots of therapy
and a need for his short term memory
to restore
but he's coming home!

now...if i can just catch up on
all those name explanations...

3 rays through the fog:

DK said...

Andrea, just wanted you to know I'm saying a prayer for you today. I'm very sorry about your friend. I am well aquainted with that icky "running out of time" feeling; been through this one with both my parents. All I can tell you is - find balance in your day, laugh when you can, and keep looking for blessings. They're out there!
DK Raymer

Blazer1234 said...

Be Strong for your friend, and know that she is/will be loved for a very long time. She needs comfort now more than anything, and Hospice will help with that. You know I have been, and will continue to pray for her.

I had to laugh at the Poe-poe post. That was a good one. :)

Love ya lady!

Barb said...

I'm so sorry Andrea. If Hospice has been called in, then yes, it is getting close to the end for her.

I've been through this so here's what I would offer. Say absolutely every single thing you want to say to her now. Just say it. Because if you don't you'll regret it. Just speak to her straight from your heart.

I will say a prayer for her. And for you.

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