August 27, 2006

do not touch your dial... isn't your computer
and you don't have to click
refresh to get the updated page
i've gone back to my old template

sort of

i absolutely love the beach picture
but it made things hard to read
and since, well, this is a blog
there's a lot of reading going on
(i hope)

so every time i looked at it
i had this kind of weird feeling
like something wasn't right

and that was a problem

when i switched templates
i was able to teach myself some code
so now i'm able to make changes
to this one
like the sidebar on the other side

one of the main reasons
i made the change in the first place
was because i couldn't figure out
how to get more stuff in my sidebar

not a problem anymore

so welcome back to my lighthouse
stay for a while
(but make sure you comment!)

4 rays through the fog:

Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I love the format you used to type this post--it's like poetry! (And I'm cracking up that my aunt has convinced everybody in blogdom to do a word cloud!)

on the Rock said...

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate new visitors. I also wonder what more I can do with the look of my blog...

Susie said...

Great layout and your blog is so fun to read. I just came by way of Barb. Your "100 things" was hilarious.

Barb said...

Awwww. I'm going to miss that beach. But out of all the blogger templates, this one was always my favorite and I could NOT make it work. My sidebar just dropped right out of sight if I tried to add a single thing. And look at you - you moved it to the other side!

You're obviously picking up the html code a lot faster than I am.

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