June 29, 2006

looking passed today

sick monkey
sick lion

wash my hands
wash my hands

monkey has a cold
lion has strep throat

lion not sleeping at night
so neither am i
he seems better today
i'd feel better too
if i slept until noon
but the day calls for me
way before then

my chick a dee comes back
tomorrow night
summer blast festival
in the neighborhood
just her type of event
hope it isn't overcrowded

parade on saturday
and a family trip to the zoo
to celebrate a 10th birthday
with a small herd of girls

swimming at the y
for free
and fireworks

my idea of a perfect summer day
(minus the herd, maybe)
i'll let you know

prayers still for old house
sell, baby, sell
lord, please replace my anxiety
with your everlasting peace
boost my faith and
take control

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