June 15, 2006


a long week at work
and it was only
two and a half days

it was great to be
somewhere else for
but it is great to be
back where i belong

too many loud voices for me
i don't think she said
one thing that didn't offend me
great lesson in patience

two day trip again
via airplane
getting to be an old pro
at this
i think the novelty
is wearing off

lunch with my little girl
the other day
not so little anymore
already bored of summer
and looking for

and complaining

she wasn't happy that
i had to go
but mostly because
her step-sister had
something to do
and she didn't

the monkey was back today
talking up a storm
hello, uh-oh, and one other
sound that is the same
every time but i can't figure
it out yet

and he keeps tapping his
shoe or his arm with his
index finger
as if he is testing me to see
if i know what it is called

those eyebrows raise like
an old school marm
as if to say
i know you aren't dumb,
are you?

the lion is obsessed
with cars from the movie
well, "cars"
race car go fast, mommy

at a store today
and out the window
you can see an apartment complex
they have two sets of flags
to draw attention to the property

i am perusing the selections
and he says
in that loud,
listen-to-me-now voice
wook, mommy, fags!
(why is it they always choose
that voice when they say
something embarrassing?)
what? i mean, oh yeah!
(please don't say that again!)

a few minutes pass and
he again says in that loud voice
wook, mommy, more fags!
time to go...
we really need to work on that "l" sound!

of course, my other favorite
is when he wants to sing
and we "crap"...
you know, put two hands together
to cheer him on...

man, does it get better than this?

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