June 12, 2006

every single day

lazy morning
and the phone rang

could i fill in this week?
three days in a row
or all week


juggled the kids and
went in today for 1/2 day
and will go in tomorrow
and wednesday
all i can manage
with short notice
thanks to all the ones
who helped me juggle...

in middle school
our youth group
paired each kid with
an older adult
a "prayer parent"

mine was a sweet little lady
who never failed to show her
love and support

today i went to her visitation

in a funny twist
one year
i babysat her grandkids
while her son-in-law
coached the purple team

saw the kids today
can't believe
i used to swaddle
that tall boy
with curly black hair

turned to leave
and the youth group
husband and wife
walked in

she hugged me
and my eyes teared up
i hadn't seen her
in so long
and wasn't sure
i would again
to such a warm reception
(long story)

out of loss

on the way home
visited the grave
of another
lost saint
the ground too frozen
when she died
to see where the
final resting place
would be

found it today
really strange
but as my mom said
"the memories aren't
there in the ground
you carry them with you
every day"

every single day

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