June 26, 2006

i made it

another year
of camp
is gone

it went so fast...

had great girls
except for the
and the lying

but at this age
both are to
be expected, i guess

loved being outside
so much of the day
and i actually love
the scheduled way of life

kirkwood is so beautiful
and the memories of
my relationship with Jesus
run deep there
just wish i had more time for
reflection by the water

watched my little girl
go forward
in an effort
to profess her desire
to be closer to Jesus

or her friends
again, hard to tell
at this age

i must remember
to follow up
hard to do though
with the summer situation

jump back into life
with both feet
because the lion
has a fever...again

but today
it was strangely quiet
after all those chatty girls

kind of lonely

and a surprise...
girly girl dropped off
to spend the night
for our time together

that makes me happy

now if i can just push back this fog....

oh, and we saw a deer in the back yard
real close...
good stuff...

God must have known
i missed the nature
and he brought it just
a little closer for me today

the lion cries for me
more tomorrow....

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