January 11, 2006

circus with a cold

all these days gone by
and still everyone is
sniffling and coughing

and grouchy.

who could have guessed
there was that much junk
in everyone's head?

heal my family, Lord,
restore our health
so that we may better
face the challenges of
i also pray for the people
who will buy our old house,
prepare their hearts and
and do it quickly if you can :)
i know that it is all in your will
and time, not my own
but i can ask, right?
bless my marriage
give us your peace in this
stressful time

the circus is in session today
a selfish tiger, a busy lion,
and a curious monkey with no
george in sight
boys all around
i'm having a good time, really
i keep telling myself
those convincing words
praying they will sink in

i must go dress the lion
and hope that he won't
roar too loudly

is it nap time yet?
i'm tired....

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