October 25, 2005

time goes by

ringmaster of the three ring circus
again today
the lion slept in
the tiger had a belly ache
and the monkey made loud noises all day

pretty calm
compared to usual

all five stars today
for miss talker
one day down and four to go

would you be my new friend?
someone asked today
she lit up with a huge grin
and said sure
knowing she might just have been saved

the plane trip was uneventful
except for the new lines on his face
he hates to fly
and he'll do it again in three weeks

the house is quiet
no espn or history channel
kids are sleeping
the clock ticks on the wall

the time still goes by
way too slow
one day down
three to go

1 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

so you Do know me that well!

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