October 24, 2005

tennis match

hosital visit today
and an empty open house

the stress pounded on my head
like the beat of a drum
from a song my son would love

funny how the drum plays
through to the jiggle of my leg
my mother-in-law noticed today

he looked so small
lying in the hospital bed
resignation and frustration
played a tennis match on his face
back and forth
his expression changed

and the constant is always pain

i feel helpless
what can i do?
just keep visiting, he says
what a lonely place that is

all my chickies back under one roof
a feeling of peace
worry for the one leaving tomorrow
the days stretch on when we aren't together

thankful for family
and time spent with them today
no fog
just fatigue
no rest for the weary

restore me, O God
"renew a right spirit within me"
guide me
use me
calm me

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