May 4, 2009

note to self...

...when your son asks for lego sets for his birthday, he'll rope you into building them.  Which sounds fun at first, but after three hours and fifteen minutes - not so much.  Your neck muscles will scream at you the rest of the day, but it will be so worth it to see him flying a starship through the air and escaping the bad guys in an old Russian car.

...toll booth operators are a funny lot.  Some sing to themselves, or rather, to you.  Some don't even say hi.  Some wear gloves (nasty money!) and some are very friendly.  Others not so much.  It was interesting (especially the very LOUD singer...)

...preteens' feet stink.  Especially in a closed in, air-conditioned van.  For hours.  That's all I have to say about that. that the sixth birthday is over, take this time to prepare for the next one...thirteen!  Here we go.......(I'm SO not ready for this!)

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