January 14, 2009

peanut butter jelly

i don't know how it started
(i'm sure my husband remembers)
but somewhere along the way
our family began singing
that annoying song about
peanut butter and jelly

i don't know
if we sing the right words
but there's even mention
of a baseball bat
which totally cemented the deal
in our family

the song evolved and
peanut butter jelly time
now means one on one time
for handsome and little man

not to be outdone
and feeling a little left out
the girls of the family
(that would be me and baby girl)
came up with our own
ketchup and mustard time

so now there can be
peanut butter ketchup time
ketchup and jelly time
peanut butter mustard time
and so on

in the shower yesterday
after i was all prayed up
(what? you don't pray in the shower?)
i was solving the world's problems
(seriously, if I had waterproof paper
i could prove my genius
but it all leaves my brain
the moment my foot hits the tile)
i contemplated
the peanut butter jelly assignments
and they are remarkably accurate

handsome is the peanut butter
keeping our little family
all stuck together

little man is the jelly
sweetness that none of us
can resist

i'm the ketchup
it goes well
with just about anything

and baby girl is the mustard
a little tangy and sometimes spicy
but still very well-loved

just an interesting observation
from this quirky little brain of mine

now i've got to run
it's ketchup and jelly time...

2 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...

I love you discription of everyone. I especially like the ketchup and mustard anology. How fitting. I always knew there was more to that peanut butter and jelly song than met the eye.


amanda said...

What a great post!

What a special "tradition" for your family! Your family sounds fun. :)

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