December 4, 2008

jpg - the want to

Little man got a new book from the book fair at his school. Tonight,
before bed, he wanted to "read" his new book. He's learned to read a
lot of words lately but this book is a little too hard just yet. But
that did not deter him. He would turn a page and study it for a few
minutes - "reading" - and then go to the next page. I was amazed at
how many words were on the pages below. Very few pictures yet he
looked at this page for a long time. Reading. Or sure having the want

I can't help but make the connection between this and having faith in God. Sometimes you just have to go through the motions of believing God is there, even if you don't have the feelings or the proof to go along with it. God is always faithful, never forsaking. And before you know it, you'll wonder why you ever doubted.

Sometimes all you need is the want to.

1 rays through the fog:

Raisin Girl said...

precious! (and just like his mommy and sister!...His nose in a book!)

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