November 7, 2008


I've spent the last hour reading blogs from the Compassion Bloggers who have traveled to the Dominican Republic this week. I knew that they were going and have been praying for them. Yet I hesitated to read their blogs because I knew they would make me cry. And they did. Because there is so much need there, so much poverty. But I was surprised to see how much hope Compassion gives these children. I saw so many beautiful smiles and loving hugs. It struck me that these are just regular children, looking for love. While it made me sad and happy at the same time, it made me want to shout from the mountains that Jesus loves all these little children. It made me uncomfortable with the excess that is our country. It amazes me at how little it takes to make such a big difference.

I'll be honest. I applied to go on this trip to the Dominican. Our family sponsors a little boy there and I was interested to see where he was from. I wasn't picked - it wasn't my time to go. I was disappointed but God has truly revealed some things about my motives in the last few weeks. I understand it so much better now. I wanted to go for me. And the truth of the matter is, I have to want to go for them. Because it is all about them. About showering them with the hope and love of Jesus Christ. Sometimes that's all these children and their families have.

I know there are skeptics out there who wonder if the money really goes where it says it will and if the children really benefit. Trips like the one to the Dominican prove to me that it's all as Compassion says it is. But more than that, I challenge you to place it in God's hands. Because to me, acting out of fear by doing nothing robs God of the chance to show just how mighty He is.

So, please, go look at the pictures. Go read the blogs. Most of all, cast your fears aside and sponsor a child. Give hope today.

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Darlene said...

I love your passion darling.

We are all so blessed and take way too much for granted. Reaching out to others is the way God intended it to be.

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