September 3, 2008

monkey preschool

for years now
i have waited
for those elusive minutes
to myself

dropping off one kid
and then another
the anticipation built up

the list of things
i could do
went on and on
but instead i went home

to an empty house

and almost lost it

how many times
in the past few years
have i looked around
and dreamed of this day?

ashamed to admit
that it was lots
and usually the requests
were more like begging prayers

so yes
i was able to breathe
a little easier today
in the silence of a few hours

but it sure was lonely

and all i really wanted to know
was when they could come out
and play again...

2 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...


Sadly, Warmly, I can relate.

I love you darling.

Judith said...

Every mom so understands. This is absolutely beautiful, especially the ending.

When my youngest started school, I planned taking him in the car, (I said to myself) to make it special for him, but he picked up his lunch kit and hurried out the door, to catch the bus with the other children, and I stood at the door, knowing I had just done my first very big letting go.

Keep writing like you did this one, and you'll soon have a book moms everywhere will love.

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