January 16, 2008


it is calming down
around here
the tree was put out
to the curb
the ornaments wrapped
and stored for another year
the few decorations
taken down
except for the mini stockings
that i forgot
well, and the christmas cards
that i put all along
our bay window

school has resumed
we are settling back into
our normal routine

it snowed here again
this morning
but the afternoon sun
melted it away
much to little man's dismay

you know, it's strange
in december
i felt way too busy
with going here and buying that
and being involved
in the church traditions
that i didn't feel like i had time to blog

now, it's slowed down so much
that this has to be the most boring
post i have ever done

but truly i feel blessed
i've seen busy and chaotic and crazy
i'll take boring anyday

happy new year everyone!

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