January 28, 2008

question and answer #2

Time to finish up this question and answer thing. Here are the last questions...

I answered a question from Barb at A Chelsea Morning in my last post. She also had another question:
I know you've lived in Ohio all your life except for a brief time in Kentucky when you were in college. Have you ever dreamed of living anywhere else and if so, where and why?

I am going to combine my answer with this question from DK from A Flyover Blog:So, tell me what your "perfect vacation" looks like.

I dream of blue water. Anywhere. I love it. It speaks to my soul every time. Last summer, we took a trip to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. It's an island on one of the Great Lakes. I posted about it here (with pictures!). I really felt like I was home when I was on that island. I even took a couple pictures of my favorite house on the island. Sometimes when I'm having a really stressful day, I dream of being on the shore of that water and things melt away. The only thing I would change about that trip to make it my "perfect vacation" would be to stay somewhere with a bed. We camped and while I love camping, I'm not as young as I used to be. My dream is to one day have a home on the island. On the other hand, I also dream of living near Chicago. I think it's a cool city and it has blue water too - what a great combination! I've spent many moments at the end of the Navy Pier, soaking up the peace of the blue water. Both places are dear to my heart.

Diane from Diane's Place asked:
If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be? People and pets are a given, so I'm speaking of material things here.

It's hard to come up with just one thing. I mean, I'm not all that materialistic but our worlds do seem to be full of stuff, ya know? My thoughts gravitate towards things that can't be replaced, like pictures, letters, keepsakes. I'm so glad that the digital era is upon us because it's easier to save those kinds of things. I thought about saying my laptop because who knows what all I have saved on here that I don't want to lose. But then I figured if I don't know I have it on here, it probably isn't all that important, huh? And then it hit me - I've been keeping a journal since the day after my wedding to Handsome. It's spotty in some places. It kind of tapers off once I started blogging but it covers almost five years of my family's day to day life. That's something my great-grandkids might enjoy reading someday. My own kids may even like to see it. I often go back and read it myself. So, long story short, I would save my journal.

I really appreciate you ladies asking questions. I enjoyed this little exercise. :) Hope you learned something new about me. Have a great week!

2 rays through the fog:

Diane J. said...

Thanks for answering my question and giving it serious thought, Andrea. ;o)

I've never been one to journal or keep a diary, but now I often find myself going through my archives looking for a date for something that I know I blogged about. One of these days when I've got a new ink cartridge for my printer and plenty of paper I'm going to print off all my blog posts so I'll have a solid copy of them, just in case the internet crashes, LOL! ;o)

Hope your week is going well.

Love and hugs,


Barb said...

Me too, about the water, but you knew that I'll bet. It's amazing that someone like me who longs for the sea lives in the Rocky Mountains. The closest I get is staring at the water in my bathtub. Sad, huh.

I'd love to visit Chicago, but you know, wind makes me crazy and I think eventually it would do me in.

I hope you get that dream house on your island someday. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be surrounded by the water every day of your life?

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