January 31, 2008

a day in the life

at school
pj day and pancakes
a new dress-up play area
i want to be doctor first

baseball pjs and a doctor coat
silly for a doctor
to come to work in his pjs
he laughed

an afternoon with grandma
called to hear his voice
asked if he had fun at school
you betcha, he replied

got wind of drama
but luckily it blew right passed
my whirlwind of drama
although it was precariously close

a cell phone at fault
and mean words exchanged by text message
forwarded from one to another
until it came full circle

sixth grade is too young
to have a cell phone
liabilities far greater than benefits
my opinion only

work seems crazy
for my better half
do i ask lots of questions
or leave it alone?

sometimes leaving it at the door
and finding rest at home
is better than talking about it

but how can we understand each other
if we aren't on the same page?
a constant struggle for me
between too much and too little

the fog stays at bay
i try to remind myself
not to go looking for it
and by doing so,

life is good

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