May 12, 2007

a mother's legacy #1 (childhood best friend)

What is a mother's legacy?


I don't remember meeting my childhood best friend - that's how long ago it was. I know it was in kindergarten. Our moms hit it off. Something about commenting on a dress one of us was wearing and figuring out they both sewed a lot. They became friends, and so did Chelsea and I.

My mom and I spent a lot of time at their house. It's funny because tons of my childhood memories have that house as a backdrop. I think I can actually recall that house in better detail than I can the apartment we lived in then. There have been times when I long to go back to that house, that time in my life, when life was so simple, so easy.

But, we are talking about the people in the house today...I was so blessed that her mom and dad accepted me as one of their own. Throughout my childhood, they were there for me and I knew it. That's comforting to a kid. Her brother (who was 2 when I met them) became like a brother to me. When Chelsea would be busy, I'd play with David. I didn't mind. I was just over the moon to be part of their family.

I was closest of all to Chelsea. Which makes sense since she was my best friend. And this is supposed to be about my childhood best friend. We did lots of things together. We listened to records on her record player. I remember the Annie soundtrack. And what was that other one? Tina Turner or maybe Whitney Houston? We'd run down the steps in the backyard, past the garden and play on the swing set. I remember sitting on the side porch of her house, playing something or other. Later, we played soccer together on the same team. And even later still, we shared a room on a houseboat when our families vacationed together. And thought of how hard it would be to pee if you were a guy on that rocking boat. :)

We went to school together until the 4th grade when she moved away. We stayed friends but it was different after that because she went to another school. It was hard when she moved away. She was always there for me. Looking back, I was so different than all the other kids. I didn't feel that then, but I was. And she never once made me feel like an outsider. Because of her and her family, I was given the things I was missing.

We drifted apart during our high school and college years. And we didn't talk much as my family grew. But I still have the letter of encouragement she sent me when my marriage collapsed. Life being as it was for me then, we still didn't talk much. I remember hearing about when she got married - and feeling sad that I didn't know who she was marrying. I think that was my wake-up call. We'd been friends for so many years; I knew I wanted to be more involved in her life. I made a few mistakes (like napping through a dinner invitation - if you are reading this, I am still so sorry about that! I cringe every time I think of it!) but still, she forgives me.

Recently, we've become closer again and I'm so glad. It's almost like I've sighed a breath of relief because we are friends again. I'm weird like that though. I felt that way with my husband too. For me, when the past makes amends with the present, I feel calmer about the future.

I think with both of us becoming moms, we are able to connect easier. It's like we have come full circle and now we are the moms (which is totally crazy to me!). Over dinner one night, just this past week, she was there for me. Again. For the ba-zillion-th time. And I realized what a treasure she is. A big piece of my history, my oldest friend, my childhood best friend. Chelsea.

5 rays through the fog:

Amy said...

That truly is a gift to have a friend like that. What a special person Chelsea sounds like! I hope I can be that kind of friend to others!

Chels-Puddle Jumper said...

Girrrrllll....a whole entry about me? Man I feel special!

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

My best friend I didn't meet til we were 15, but we're friends still, 36 years later. I still remember walking to school together (can you imagine kids doing that?!), and am hoping to meet her for coffee or a margarita this summer. I love that it's a friendship that has lasted thru the years.

MyUtopia said...

I met mine when I was 3. I am told we made friends when she and her mom went to my parents garage sale. While her mom was browsing we were playing in my kiddie pool. We have been best buds ever since!

Diane J. said...

My sisters are truly my best friends.

Thanks for your sweet comments about my new granddaughter. :-)

Hope you have a great week!

Love and hugs,


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