March 26, 2007

ode to toaster

you have served us so faithfully
for the past six years or so
and i'm sure you would have
continued to do so

had i not dropped you
three times in a month

i feel so bad
that in a rush
you slipped
right through my fingers

a piece fell off
not critical
and i put you
back in service

but as i went to
put you away
i dropped you again
my clumsy side revealed

this second time
that's when i knew
your time with us
was limited

you were left
with floppy sides
and a rattle
i never did identify

still you served us
frozen waffles
and toast

the third time
you lost a pin
from somewhere
on your body

uneven heating
and unable to pop up
on your own
still you served us

i fondly recall
your hijacked adventure
when you were taken
from my counter

she placed you in a box
crumbs and all
and gave you back to me
for a wedding present

what generosity
although i'm sure
she felt close to you
since she used you all that year

with one more drop
i put you in the trash
and my hubby
wheeled you to the curb

early, early tomorrow morning
off you'll go
to the toaster resting ground
with all your cohorts

but i couldn't let
this moment pass
without saying farewell

and thank you

6 rays through the fog:

"Toast" of the Town said...

Out with the old and in with new.

You didn't mention the custom "pop-tart" setting on the new one!

The best toaster-related invention since sliced bread!

MyUtopia said...

Great poem! Good luck in getting a new awesome toaster.

Darlene said...

Too cute! Too funny! Nice poem. Great ending to a well loved toaster.

Sharon said...

We never really show our toasters the love they deserve!! :)

Cheryl said...

We have said goodbye to many a toaster. Ever since I decided I wanted a "pretty" stainless steel one. Hubby thought we should get a good quality one, or two or three that stopped working. Finally I convinced him to get the cheap (stainless) one from our grovery store and it has been with us for a while now...

UNKEL said...

FYI: I have a BLUE toaster!

Have you any idea how difficult it is to find a BLUE toaster?

I enjoyed your poem. Sometimes I write poems, ask Chesterfield about the YAK one.

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