February 10, 2007

helping her say good-bye

six inches of snow
on wednesday
and a phone call
saying he was gone

no more suffering
fully at rest
how do i begin to comfort
his great-grandaughter

last she heard
he was sitting up
and doing better
oxygen turned down

i guess it was the rally
before his journey home

no she cried
as she threw herself
onto her bed
and began to weep

my words were inadequate
i had no idea what to say
trying to gauge
drama or grief

the hardest part for me
and really this is all about her
was packing her up
to go be with the family

letting her go
knowing she was hurting
and i couldn't be there
to comfort her

this laid on my heart
so heavy
for the past few days
aching to ease her pain

such a weird situation
i know all the people
he was always so kind to me
but i have no part in this drama

i gave my condolances
to her father
and asked that they be passed along
it's all i can do

except pray
that my daughter's heart
will be protected
in the way that only Jesus can

1 rays through the fog:

Darlene said...


You seemed to handled it well. Or at least as well as can be at a time liet this.

Being a child and having to deal with the death of a family member is tuff. Watching the adult around you in pain is also difficult for a child.

I have been praying while she has been away. God will take care.

Glad she is back home with you.

Love, Mom

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