January 1, 2007

mom? mom who?

joy in their faces
fills my soul

noise and
constant need
fills my head
and makes it hurt

finding the balance
during a busy time
is something
i am horrible at doing

all of a sudden
it is just too much

if i had a dime
for every "Mom"
i heard today
i'd be out shopping
right now

i should be grateful
for these blessings
i should be thankful
i can hear them

but after a long
holiday week

i'm just plain tired

Just a note: I did have a wonderful Christmas with my family. I will post again soon. I promise. If I can just get this monkey (that is my son) off of me!! :)

2 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

I'm right there with ya! I took Boo over to grandma's for a couple hours just so I could have a bit of time away from him. You and I need to do dinner WITHOUT kiddos real soon!

Barb said...

Motherhood gets to be a challenge at times. Very understandable, Andrea. We'll be here when you come up for air. :-)

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