October 30, 2006

morning routine and a funny

This morning, we tried a new routine. Neither my daughter nor I are morning people. We are quite grouchy until that last little bit of sleep has left us. And sometimes that takes longer than the average bear to happen. When you put us together in the morning, it's a combustible combination. So this morning, my husband woke her up as he left for work. This gave her a chance to wake up on her own and get a shower before she had to come into contact with me. And it gave me a chance to wake up and have a few minutes peace before I had to come into contact with her. Don't get me wrong - we love each other to pieces. But when we are both groggy in the morning, we tear each other to pieces. Not good! It was going really well this morning! But before she left, she started with that tween attitude and spouting disrespect left and right. It makes me crazy. After a weekend at her dad's house, she always tests the limits for about a day when she gets back. I guess today is the day. I lost my temper and got really mad. She broke down and lost it herself. So much for the good morning...But I, being the responsible adult I am (ahem..), calmed myself down and explained that I would not tolerate the garbage attitude. I gave her a huge hug and sent her on her way, glad that I had rescued the morning and put it back on track.

So, my daughter left for school and I sat down to check my email. My son started whining and decided to find me. Step...step...step...down the steps he came. "Hold you, Mommy." So I did. And as I sat there holding my son, looking out the window at the beautiful display of God's colors, I thought about how I had held both my little ones this morning. About how this time will pass and they won't find the same comfort in my arms as they did today. And I was filled with joy at the blessings of the morning...and in the back of my heart, I hurt a little for all the world that I can't shield them from forever. And then the phone rang.

My daughter missed the bus. (Can you tell me why a child stands at the bus stop for 15 minutes past the time that the bus is supposed to come? And then goes across the street to the neighbors to call me to tell me she missed the bus? We only live about 10 houses from the bus stop!) So, the tranquil moment was over and we were on a race to get her to school. Not an easy task with two little boys and a bookbag big enough to qualify as another little boy. But we did it and she's off learning all kinds of things I don't even remember!

Last night, we went to a Fall Festival at a local church. My husband's boss invited us. It was really neat for the kids. Lots of games, food, a pony ride, corn maze, and candy. My son had a blast. I just have to tell you a conversation I overhead. We were headed to the hot dog line and it was long. My usually eloquent husband says...

"Poop. It's a long line."

To which my son replies,

"Daddy, do you need to go potty?"

"No, why?"

"Yes, you do. You said poop."

We've been really working on the potty training so this struck me as hilarious. Preoccupation with poop has started in our house and from what I understand it lasts a long time with boys. Yeah for me!

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Barb said...

Boy, to I ever understand mornings like this. There were mornings so awful that by the time I got to work I was just so mad no one came near me for an hour. One of the nicest things about my kids being grown now is that I can wake up to total peace and quiet. I'm not a morning person, either.

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