October 2, 2006


watching the tree
outside my window
fiery red
starting at the top
touched by the sun
over the past few weeks
the fire spreads
down towards earth
the wind blows
and the red leaves
break free
released of their seasonal duty
and ride the wind
landing scattered

the limbs left bare
resonate deep in my soul
looking empty and alone
awaiting spring
the epitome of anticipation

a squirrel runs up
and along the newly bare limbs
for the long winter ahead

the squirrel gathers
and the tree lets go

the circle of life

1 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

You need to write a book of poems. You're too good not to.

The squirrels gathering around here are driving my dog bonkers. She is on backyard guard duty all the time, chasing those little buggers up the fence and trees.

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