September 15, 2006

long story short

another suggestion
a few days ago
from barb
to tell how you met your husband

i've been working on it
but life is hectic
so i'm a few days behind
but here it is...

i met my husband
when i was 11
but i have very few memories
from that time
only general ones
about the school
and stuff like that

we went to the same high school
and dated our senior year
i broke his heart
and still he was my friend
he was my best friend
that year
we went to prom together
as friends
and hung out during the summer
i just didn't see him
as anything other than
my best friend

and then i left for college

the memories of him
from that point on
get a little muddled

i married someone from college
had a daughter
and went through
some really tough stuff

through it all
i remember
periodic phone calls
to check in and see
where life was taking us

i have snapshots of him
in my memory
from the few times
i saw him over those years

one day
after i was separated
i called him to see how he was doing
long story short
we met for dinner
to catch up
and everything clicked for me

we started hanging out
more and more

during that time
my daughter started a new daycare
and i told him about it
it ended up being the daycare
that was housed in his church
run by his pastor's wife
and he was on the board

one thing led to another
and i ended up joining that church
we were married there

it's a weird and curvy road
that life takes us on
the future is totally unsure
all i know is that God was with me
every step of the way
even when i made bad choices
and even when i blatantly disobeyed

my marriage to my sweetheart
is the one thing in my life
that i am absolutely sure
is right
the peace i feel
when i look at him
sprawled on the couch
watching some game on tv
is the same peace i felt
when our love began to blossom
the same peace i felt
when i stood at the front of that church
and promised always
the same peace i always end up with
even after we argue
God is with us
and He has given me
the best gift in the world
my husband

6 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

Believe me, Andrea, you're not the only one who made mistakes before she got it right. I spent nine years married to the wrong man.

I love your story and what I really love is that he gives you peace. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Judith said...

Andrea, Even though sometimes a match doesn't work, if nothing else, it gives us appreciation for the good that comes into our lives.
Sounds like you appreciate your guy a lot!

I once heard we can't move forward until we've embraced the past. That was so hard for me to do. I wanted to either stay angry about it, or just nurse my hurts. But until I took what was good from it, and let go of the rest, I didn't move forward.
Don't beat yourself up, even if you made mistakes. Most of us do.

Blazer1234 said...

We are who we are because of our past. And what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger. That's what I always say.

Brenda said...

Another one here who didn't get it right the first time. I was married to Mr. Wrong for 14 years and knew it all along.

I'm glad you found Mr. Right. God is SO good!

Magi said...

You wouldn't be who you are today, if it weren't for the things you did in the past. That's why I would never change a thing. Loved your story. Thanks for sharing.

Shalee said...

You may have not made the right choice the first time, but I bet you wouldn't trade your daughter for anything in the world.

And you have the blessing of really appreciating your man now...

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