September 25, 2006

first last now

Here's a meme I found called First Last Now. Thought it was kinda interesting, so here goes...


  • First job: Babysitting. My first real job was a cashier/bagger at IGA (a grocery store).

  • First screen name: elal99. Part of my middle name, part of my daughter's middle name. Give me a break - it was my 25th try! All my other choices were taken.

  • First funeral: Not real sure but I think it was my godmother's mom. First time I saw my godmother cry. This strong, independent woman crumbled at the sight of her mom in a casket. Very hard to see.

  • First pet: Hmm...probably fish. But those were more my mom's. My first pet was a hamster named Powder Puff.

  • First piercing: Ears when I was really young. My mom and my godmother did it with ice, a needle and a raw potato.

  • First tattoo: Don't have any.

  • First credit card: My first semester of college. BAD idea!

  • First kiss: I honestly don't remember. My childhood memories are very hard to remember for some reason.

  • First enemy: I was friends with everyone but for some reason, there was one girl who could get under my skin like no other. Her name was Erin. We fought like cats and dogs for years until we went to different schools in 7th grade.

  • Last car ride: Yesterday, coming home from lunch at my in-laws after church.

  • Last kiss: This morning, when I kissed my daughter's head as she left for school.

  • Last movie watched: This weekend, watch The Wedding Crashers. Not really my kind of movie...

  • Last beverage drank: Last night, Peach Propel that my future sister-in-law brought me. She's cool like that. : )

  • Last food consumed: A few minutes ago, goldfish with my son. We love them!

  • Last phone call: About an hour ago, my husband called to check on me.

  • Last time showered: Saturday morning...I know, I know...I'm headed there now!

  • Last CD played: About a week ago, a mix of praise songs I made.

  • Last website visited:, where I found this meme.

  • Single or taken: Definitely taken!

  • Gender: What, like this changes? Okay, maybe for some special people. Not for me!

  • Birthday: mid-March. Yes, I know. I'm just shy about posting all my business out there for the world.

  • Sign: Pisces

  • Siblings: None. However, I do have a super-cool brother-in-law and next year, I get an awesome sister-in-law too!

  • Hair color: Light brown. And no, those aren't gray hairs that you see!

  • Eye color: Hazel. A catch-all for brownish-green or greenish-brown, depending on the day, weather, what I'm wearing, etc.

  • Shoe size: 8 1/2.

  • Height: 5 foot 4 1/2 inches. The shortest one in the family (besides my kids). The joke is I am a dime among nickels. I'll post the Reader's Digest story that prompted that joke sometime.

  • Wearing: Jeans, long sleeve orange shirt, socks, my glasses. (And underclothes too, but that would be too much info!)

  • Drinking: nothing.

  • Thinking about: Baseball, because my son just had me draw a home plate for the third time today.

  • Listening to: Jonah movie that we just started watching. Oh, and the timer just beeped saying lunch is ready!
If you would like to join in, click here for the link to get the code. Leave me a comment so I can come over and see what you are up to! : )

4 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

Are you talking about RULE? (Enemy). I think I remember her. Am I thinking of the right person?

Cool meme. Except the gender question is a little odd if you ask me.

Mina said...

Yup that's me, the cool sister-in-law! ;) I try :-D OK I have to admit, your brother in law helps a lot haha!

Debs said...

I'm a bit confused by the eating the goldfish bit, isn't that a bit cruel? or are we not talking the ones you keep as pets?!?!
Oh, and I found you from one way or another - I'm the Debs that comments on there too :-)

Susie said...

Fun meme! We really learned a lot about you.

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