September 4, 2006

balm for the heart

a small hug
and a kiss on the cheek
"rest, my friend"
wondering if i would
see her again
turns out
i would not

it has thrown me
for a loop
actually looking forward to
the routines of life
to resume tomorrow
to make things normal again
and occupy my mind

spent the weekend
six hours from here
at my husband's grandma's house
sorting loose change
and encouraging "the boys"
as they put in a new floor
in her bedroom
her really old house
is steeped in history
but it needs some tlc
every once in a while

good time with family
laughing with my son
watching his imagination soar
in the wide open outdoors

the memories made
are a balm
for this momma's hurting heart

5 rays through the fog:

Barb said...

Yes, getting away was probably balm for your heart. And it takes a while to recover from losing a close friend. Even though your head tells you she's in a better place, it's hard to tell your heart that. I'll say a prayer for you, Andrea.

Blazer1234 said...

I'm so glad your weekend away was a good one. Please know I am thinking and praying for you to find peace with Alma's passing. She will always live in you.
Love you.

Judith said...

I am thankful your friend isn't hurting anymore. I do understand sometimes love hurts. But it hurts less than not loving.

Hails said...

Love and prays to you hun.

Jane said...

balm for the this concept!

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