August 13, 2006


enjoyed an evening with my hubby
and then an evening with his parents

we were married one day shy
of his parents' 34th wedding anniversary
so we usually go out to dinner
with them at a really nice place
as their anniversary present to us

not having much family
i think it is the coolest
that our anniversaries are so close together

my mom was oh so kind
as to keep our little one
so everyone got family time
which is always nice

but now
my whole family is cranky
because we are off our schedules
you would think that me and my significant other
are grown enough
that schedules don't matter
but they do
we've both taken more naps in the past few days...
which would be fine
except for the exploding hamper of dirty clothes
the trail of dirty dishes across the counter
and the overflow of garbage spilling on the floor

i hate cleaning the kitchen

even more than the bathroom

my wonderful husband helped me
and it is getting back under control
maybe we can finish soon

but first (yawn), i think we should take a nap
i'm awful sleepy

1 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

Naps are good. Cleaning is bad. Sometimes we have to do what feels good over what needs to be done. Eventually, things will get back in order.

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