August 14, 2006

mildly interested

*UPDATE - 10:21 PM* "mildly interested" called today
and set up a showing that happened this evening.
haven't heard anything yet but twice in two days
is a good sign, i think. pray, people, pray!! :)

why would a realtor
encourage someone to bid
on a house that is listed
at $15,000 over
what they are approved for?

i mean, i know this is a crazy market
but come on...
all i can do is just shake my head
in wonder

so, needless to say
the deal did not work

another mildly interested person
(whatever mildly interested means)
came to the open house yesterday
maybe there is still hope

although i'm usually only
mildly interested in going to the dentist
or cleaning the bathroom
or changing poopy diapers

i sure hope we have different definitions
of mildly interested

maybe i should say the phrase mildly interested again
i haven't said it enough already in this post...

fingers crossed
and mightly loud prayers!!

2 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

I hope it all works out and "mildly interested" turns into "seriously intersted" and they bid your asking price. I'm confused about how the people even thought they could place a bid for higher than they were approved for. That's just plain dumb. But there are some dumb people out there. I'm praying hard for you!!!!

Barb said...

Andrea, I'm sorry this happened. So discouraging. But don't give up. When you least expect it, it will happen.

I think realtors are just trying to make a sale. Probably encouraged this buyer, hoping you'd lower your price.

You're in my prayers. I really want this to happen for you.

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