August 20, 2006


it's officially an addiction
every spare minute
this weekend
i've run back to the computer
to fiddle with the html code
in my new template

i've changed the entire profile box
(i still can't figure out why there is a black dot there)
i've added links to some of the blogs i read
(i'll add the rest soon)
i've added my library thing with recent books i've read
(click on the little bity words -library thing- to see the rest of my library)
i've change the size of the title
(jury is still out on the color - any suggestions?)
i've changed the colors of things you wouldn't even realize
(florescent green isn't my thing but any shade of purple will do)
i've even removed a link so you can't click on it anymore
(why in the world would you want to click on the time
to link to the post you are already reading?)

i'm so excited that i've figured it out
i shouted out loud the first time it fell into place
and my family came running to see if i was okay

i started to explain but saw the glazing of the eyes
so i buried myself back in the code
"the davinci code"?
nah, i'll take html

i found myself humming as i did the laundry
i feel like i've done somthing productive
i do have brain cells left in there
after almost two years staying at home

i promise that tomorrow
i'll post about something other than the computer
but if you'll excuse me
i need to go figure out that black dot
oh, and change a color or two...

4 rays through the fog:

Anonymous said...

I thought Sundays were for quality family time. If you get sucked up in your computer they will never find you.

Missed socializing and spending time with you today :)

Blazer1234 said...

It looks great! When I get the time (and you have a spare moment), you'll have to show me how to customize my blog! It looks FAB-U-LOUS!

Barb said...

I don't see a black dot in your profile box. Are you sure it's not a bug on your screen? :-) Really. I don't see the dot.

How about a dark green for your title, sort of like the palm trees on the right. Seems like it would balance out nicely.

You've done a fantastic job. I love this design. Love the way your posts are transparent and the background stays behind them.

Jefe said...

Nice work little-big sister! If you need help tweeking the html let me know.

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