August 22, 2006

health & school

i had a dr's appointment
to check to see if i was healthy

that's weird

actually it was a "pre-op" appt
to prepare for a little "procedure"
that's being done in mid-sept
no big deal really
(at least, that's what i keep telling myself)

my daughter also had a check-up
to see if she was healthy
which she is
praise the Lord

a few recommendations
sent my head
but through prayer and discussion
we will make it through

last night
went to see my friend's dad
the one that had the stroke
and he was doing really well
by the look on my friend's face
i knew that he said a few things
that were out of place
but if i didn't know her eyes so well
i would never have known
what a mystery
the brain is

i talked to my friend from church
ms. a
hurts my heart to say
things are not so good
short of breath but wanting to talk
a nightmare to me
still such a gentle spirit
with a positive outlook
an inspiration to me
please if you don't mind
keep praying for her
she needs to feel Jesus close
and feel the peace that comes
with that

last day
with the tiger tomorrow
if you see a woman
with bed head and pj's
at 6 in the evening
doing a funny dance
in her front yard
just wave and keep driving
it's my own private celebration

it's not that i don't want him here
please don't get me wrong
it's just a release of commitment
and a relief that
the behavior from another house
that's so different from mine
will not be modeled by my son

the tiger is moving on
because he starts school
on monday
i can't believe he's old enough

speaking of which
the 10 year old talker
starts school
fifth grade
sixth year of "big girl" school
she's been counting the days
is she ready for this?

am i?

either way
here we go...

1 rays through the fog:

Blazer1234 said...

Glad you girls are healthy! ;) We need to start walking once a week. If things would just settle down for me!
Thanks for coming up to see Dad. He is getting antsy all cooped up in the hospital, and visitors help to pass the time away. He didn't mind so much when he was sleeping all the time, but now that he is awake most of the time, he gets antsy. He's still making progress, you saw him at his best that day. (The best I've seen was like my old dad was back!) And your right, a few things he said were not correct. (New Orleans), but we've come to the conclusion that his short term memory has been greatly affected by all that bleeding. And watching CNN all the time doesn't help. Hopefully his memory will improve as time passes. :)

I'm praying for your friend, Ms. A...I'm praying for lots of things these days, and be assured, you're on my list!

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